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First Zealot Draft (1 Viewer)


This is my first experience in a dynasty and IDP league and was wondering how the sharks thought I did.QBBrady 6.03Pennington 12.07Dilfer 28.06Garrard 33.02Seneca Wallace 42.09RBA. Green 2.05Dillon 3.02Bell 2.11Perry 11.06Davenport 15.01Cobbs 17.04W. Green 25.10W. Parker 35.11Shaud Williams 36.12Kerry Carter 47.09WR Fitzgerald 4.04Evans 4.11Muhammad 10.02Colbert 8.06Price 19.10Ward (traded 1.05, 3.11 rook pick and 24.06 vet for Ward and Wiggens)Gaffney 26.03Gabriel 34.11Engram 50.02Taco Wallace 52.01TECooley 18.09Wiggens (traded 1.05, 3.11 rook pick and 24.06 vet for Ward and Wiggens)Kleinsasser 39.08E. Edwards 46.08PK Tynes 31.07Rackers 37.12France 49.11LBBulluck 8.02M. Peterson 10.07E. J. Henderson 20.03Koutouvides 27.07Kawila Mitchell 32.06Bruschi 40.05Calmus 45.05Seau 48.04DLPeppers 5.10Schobel 13.10Darren Howard 22.01Okeafor 29.02R. Hayward 30.11Ckris Kelsay 41.04DBB. Scott 14.03Hamlin 16.12D. Sharper 21.12Wesley 23.12J. Phillips 51.12T. Holt 44.04Bhawoh 43.09I see my weakness being WR and DBBut like I said I'm completely new to dynasty and IDP so be brutally honest and tell me where I need to improve.**Edited to add draft positions

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Actually, I like your WRs. You've got lots of young productive guys (fitzgerald, Evans & Colbert) as well as two productive older/established guys in Ward and Mushu.TE-Who is E.Edwards?DL- Lots of people will say you went too high on Peppers. I took him at about the same place in Z32. If you want the monster DL in Pepper, you have to take him high. Your DLs are very sound. Hayward should be very productive for a 30th rounder. :thumbup: LB- The top of your LB corp is very good. Seau is old and in decline. Bruschi is recovering from a stroke. Both are gambles. K.Mitchel probably won't end up starting. At those picks, I would have taken gambles on some different players. In Z32, I got Tommy Polley at 35.11. He may start at WLB for thje Ravens. Another guy looking at a WLB gig is Travian Smith. I got him at 38.05. Ben Taylor at 41.10 and Peter Sirmon, recovering from injury, at 44.02. Gilbert Gardner is a young guy with Indy who may end up taking Cato June's job. I got him at 50.02. I tend to draft a lot of LBs. I'll end up cutting a few that don't pan out.DB- You could use some help there. I like Scott and Hamlin. Ater that you don't have a lot. In your case, I'd wait until the first week or two of the season and grab a CB or two that looks good. There are always CBs that are productive that fall through the cracks. I picked up S. Brown and Sheppard (both of PHI) and J.Butler last year in different leagues. T.McGee was available in many leagues also. All three put up very good numbers. Much better than the crap I had on roster. In the fall, a few more CBs that are below the radar will rise up. Grab them then. You could also draft a rookie CB. Rookie CBs tend to get picked on, which is good in a fantasy sense.

Over all solid effort.Garrard burned his owners by signing for large $'s to back up Lefty...he's no longer an UFA. Hardly ever happens, in this, the day of the "Super Agent." He's good fodder to move up in the rookie draft though.Looks like an MFL draft. By the way, and I don't know if it's a good way or not, a good way to get a comparison is to use the MFL sort capacity to give you a basis for comparison.Go to Reports>Player>Top Performers and putz around. Try settings 30/2004/YTD/Team/players and see what you get for the different teams in the league. Granted, it's 2004 information, doesn't predict the future, doesn't show "up-side"...but it's the latest sample.A frequency of the top 10 players/team being ranked below # 100 best players shows where the teams top players rank, and shows strength at the top. Very seldom do you see 11 players ranked below the top 100 players.There's some back and forth if this list includes two of the top ranked PK's or three of the top ranked QB's (all rosters contain two, if three it's overkill).You can also see the risk factors envolved...if there are a lot of potential "upsiders" on a roster that are not in the top 100, it shows potential for a good team to supplement the "sure things."If the 25th player on a roster is below player #280, or so, that's a deep team.Change it up a little...go for "last six weeks" instead of YTD....plunk around with the different teams and you'll get a feel for the strong teams in your league....and the weak ones.Oh...almost forgot.....If it's a Zealot's Draft...what Z# was this draft?

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Thanks for the critical looks.


E. Edwards is Eric 2nd year TE at AZ


lol, your wrs are gold compared to mine.....do you have any rookie picks left?
I went and found you in the Z33 and did the necessary surgery.

You come out OK....Bruski being out doesn't help you, though....and you've got a week 3 problem....but you are OK.

You've got good depth....someone will step up each week...you've just gotta identify him ahead of time.

Mitchell and Hamlin are good picks. Mitchell may sit the whole season but I think not....he could also start and play the whole season....that's why we play, I guess.

Well done.

I'm Broncos in Z36....check it out and lay it on me.....the pain is bearable. :popcorn: :brush:

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