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Fitzmagic or Trubisky? (1 Viewer)


I had Jameis, but I'm dropping him, and have Mayfield on the bench but am still not sure I'd start him. I can likely pick up Fitzpatrick off waivers, or trade for Trubisky (bench players or cash in next year's draft). Thoughts on who to start week 9 and beyond? Thanks. 



Trubisky for ROS because you have no confidence that Fitz keeps the starting gig the rest of the year.  I could easily see them going back to Winston at some point. 

The risk with playing Fitz in any game is that he gets pulled at halftime.  If he plays an entire game he will put up good numbers.  The worry is the defense implodes and they are down big and Dirk decides Winston will provide a spark. 


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