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Flacco Gets the Nod! (1 Viewer)


YOU WANT 22 POINTS IN WEEK 9?!?! DO YOU Then you get Donnie Avery on your roster. That's how this thing works. You sit Cotchery in week ten and spot start Steptoe. FLACCO GET'S THE NOD IN WEEK 9 - Comprehende?You don't learn this stuff. You can't sit around on a site like this, start threads and expect to DOMINATE your opponents. Your have to LIVE ahead of the curve. You have to CREATE the curve. Let the gup prospectors pan around in here looking for gold nuggets while continually and consistently uncovering turds LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. Dominance and excellence is bread from within. You don't read it on a message board. I'm undefeated and let me tell you something, you're not going to the title game blathering about Camarillo. -The Goat
Looks like we start Avery and Flacco this week and spot-start Steptoe week 10!This is a reminder with Waivers coming up!
Meh, I'll stick with Garrard for my bye week replacement for Brees...

If I can't grab him for whatever reason, then I'll grab Flacco and drink this kool-aid...


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