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Flawed Roster? (1 Viewer)


So a little less than 1/4 of the season in, I find myself in the middle of the pack in my quality points league (weekly winner gets 12 points, 2nd gets 11, etc. Total QP wins the league). Standard scoring with the caveat of 6pts for a QB TD.

I've hit 100 points each week. However, given my starting roster, I thought I'd be in a better position as my WRs should offset the lack of RB1.  Starting roster/players with value are:

QB: Wilson / Luck

WR: A. Brown, J. Jones

RB: C.McCaffery, A. Collins,

TE: Ertz

Flex: M. Thomas (WR)

K: Bailey & Lutz

DEF: Philly

Bench: G. Tate, K Golladay, Keelan Cole, A. Ekeler

Do I just need to be patient or should I be trying to make a move? We're a 2 player +  a rookie keeper league and draft picks can be moved. Any thoughts on a strategy given my current roster? After finishing near the bottom and given the talent I'll have to release next year, I'm in a GFIN mindset.

Given that it is standard I would try and move Julio and Collins for an upgrade at RB. Also drop a kicker for anyone on waivers.


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