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Fleaflicker API + Noob Stats™ (1 Viewer)


Hey FBG. Finally got my account approved

So I run a league through Fleaflicker.com with a fully custom scoring ruleset that I developed to replicate real NFL player/positional value. I'm not a math guy at all, but I started wondering if it might be possible to develop a PFF-ish stat for my league that can fully represent a player's value with one number (obviously a lot easier in fantasy where points are the only consideration). Running into some issues so I thought I'd drop them here.

First, Fleaflicker has no easy way to export stats. They have an API but I'm not a coder at all (and my coder friend said it'd be tedious even for him) so the best thing I have is a really clunky copy/paste method that takes forever. Does anyone know anything about the API/alternate tools that might help me?

Second, I'm fairly sure of how the calculation would work but I wanted to get a second opinion. The factors would be
  1. Average scoring per week
  2. Total scoring season-to-date
  3. Average scoring percentile relative to position
  4. Total scoring season-to-date relative to position
  5. Consistency (fleaflicker stat that quantifies week to week scoring fluctuation)
All five would be converted to a 0-100 scale and then combined- using some kind of weighting system- to make the final number. Does anyone see anything wrong with the method/factors/etc? More importantly, does anyone know what the best way to calculate all this crap at least semi-automatically would be?

I think that's all for now. Whole thing is never going to go anywhere if I can't make it so it's really easy to update all the player values.... probably a tall order, especially for an English major such as myself.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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