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Fleaflicker.com problem (1 Viewer)


I ended up in a league that uses this site. It's not bad. But I wake up today and a transaction occurred involving my team that I didn't authorize.

During the WW process, I dropped DeuceM for Rhodes. After news about Portis and Bush, I reversed it-- picking Deuce back up and dropping Rhodes.

Now today, it was reversed again without my knowledge or consent. Besides this, it is against league rules to drop a player (until the following week) that you have picked up AFTER the WW process. So, legally I couldn't have dropped Deuce even if I wanted to.

So now i can't re-reverse it because I can't drop Rhodes (based upon league rules)

I guess my question is, does anyone had any experience with this site? Or had any problems like this?

I don't suspect the commish of foul play, he's already eliminated from the playoffs.


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