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Flex: KeKe? Gurley? Gabriel Davis? Dobbins? Ty Johnson? (1 Viewer)



With Brandin Cooks out. Who should I flex? (PPR)

KeKe: (him and Hansen are only WRs on Texans roster with Cooks out, Fuller suspended, Cobb on IR and Stills waived. However KeKe is questionable and playing a tough Bears D and might be smothered being that he's their top option) 

Gurley: once an elite running back, he now only averages three yards per carry and his touchdown depending. Coming off an injury and  two terrible performances he is scary to  play. However,  Chargers  allow a lot of points especially to running backs and all girly has to do is find the endzone  at least once.

Gabriel Davis: with John Brown injured, Davis has  score 16 or more points in 3 out of the past 4 games while scoring zero im the other. (PPR) He is playing a tough Steelers defense.  With Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley out there, Davis is still third option. However with his speed all it takes is one big catch  or a touchdown. He is Boom or bust

Dobbins: young athletic running back. However,  Browns defense  dial Derrick Henry in check . Dobbins also has to split carries with Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards and possibly Mark Ingram.

Ty Johnson: he ran the ball 22 times last week for over a hundred yards and a touchdown putting up 22 fantasy points. If Frank Gore does not play Ty Johnson should get a ton of carries and probably lots of yard considering how terrible Seahawks defense has been against the Run. However, his Gore does Play Ty Johnson is pretty much worthless and the game is not til 4 so if I waited amd get news Gore is playing I would miss out on my cha ce to play KeKe. 

Available on free agents: Chad Hansen (Texans WR), Agholar (Raiders WR) DeAndre Washington (Dolphins RB), Lazard (GB WR), Tim Patrick (Broncos WR)


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