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FLEX: Ronald Jones or AJ Brown (1 Viewer)


In the championship in a 12 team PPR and torn on my flex between Ronald Jones vs. NYJ or AJ Brown vs. MIA. As a Miami fan, I'm really concerned about Brown going against a hot MIA secondary (especially since he has been so hit or miss all season and think there is some bias towards his last game in the public light). Jones has an unreal matchup and I think he is going to get the ball a lot, but I hate not starting the most talented option (Brown). Please let me know your thoughts!

My Team:
QB: P. Mahomes

RB: A. Kamara

RB: J. Mixon

WR: T. Hill

WR: J. Jefferson

TE: T. Kelce

FLEX: Ronald Jones OR AJ Brown

DST: Bills

Bench: S. Barkley, A. St. Brown, D. Prescott, Seahawks DST, F. Moreau


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