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Flex start? Hyde, Lockett, or Breida? (1 Viewer)


.5 PPR

1) Hyde vs NO, scared CLE will have to abandon the run and throw more. But may have to do drop off to hyde alot. 

2) Lockett vs CHI Baldwin out makes this look good to me.

3) Breida vs DET

Gut says Lockett > Hyde > Breida. I trust Breida the least of the three by far this week. I think it'll be close between Lockett and Hyde but Hyde won't have many chances. Cleveland should run enough for Hyde to be decent, but with Lockett as WR1 for Seattle with Baldwin out, I think I'd lean toward trusting him most this week.

I think Hyde is the call here. Hyde should see at least 15 touches, and has clearly taken full control of the Browns backfield. I get the idea with Lockett, but I don't think its a lock he is Seattle's #1 WR, and he has a tough matchup. Sure Cobb had success in the slot last week, but he's a completely different WR than Lockett, and even then it was mostly just 1 kinda fluky play. The Bears have the looks of a top notch defense.


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