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Flex WDIS: Stills, Coutee, Funchess, Crowell, Coleman? (1 Viewer)


After 2-0 start, have lost 2 straight heartbreakers. With TY Hilton out, and Devonta Freeman coming back, I have a dilemma at Flex.

12 team, non-PPR

My flex choices on the roster are

Kenny Stills vs CIN

Isaiah Crowell vs DEN

Tevin Coleman @ PIT

Currently in the player pool is Funchess (vs NYG) or Keekee Coutee (vs DAL); I would drop Stills for one of them, if worth starting one in the Flex.

Rest of lineup

QB Dalton (over Stafford)

RB Hyde, Yeldon

WR Beckham, Cooks

TE Graham (over Ebron)

DST Titans

PK Tucker

Thinking Coutee a bit too, but I got a feeling we won't know until Sunday late morning. May be too late by then. We can only do 3 add/drops per week, and I'm on two right now. Been pushing the last 2 years to increase the limit to 5, but no dice.


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