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Footballguys Brings Back the 3 Year Subscription (1 Viewer)

David Dodds

We initially took this away as an option, because we hated the idea that someone purchased the 3 year expecting something and that feature was changed/dropped, etc.

We have a lot of people asking us to bring it back though. And the truth is these are the guys that have been with us for the longest and our biggest cheerleaders.

So we have brought it back. It's $64.95 for the three-years. This will add on to whatever balance you have.

For people that wanted this option, but it wasn't available:

- You can request a refund by sending an email to: gray@footballguys.com - Put REFUND in the Subject

- Just add on another three years to what you have

We are making no guarantee that we will be offering this next year or beyond. But we will feel we pulled the rug out without notice this year and decided to change course to our most loyal readership.



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