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Footballguys Survivor - Championship Round (1 Viewer)

Standings through four weeks:

Andy Hicks 31-13

alonegunman 30-14

Eraser 27-17

ConstruxBoy 25-19

John Norton 25-19

nittanylion 24-20

renesauz 23-21

Clayton Gray 22-22

BusMan 17-27

Master of Past and Present 15-29

David Yudkin 14-30

elcohiba 11-33

Shaping up for an exciting finish...

Un freaking believable. Still in first place by two games at half time of MNF. Finish the week tied for 4th place, 6 games behind. :unsure:

I was expecting that kind of production from my RB tandem, Peterson and Taylor, against the Lions this week, but didn't get it. Hicks got it with his. Congrats to you and alonegunman for pulling away. Without a doubt the two best teams.

Hicks has a graduate degree from the David Dodds schools of drafting. Very impressive draft mind from the times I've drafted with him.

Jeebus, is my willie wilting or what???


Week 11: 10-1

Week 12: 8-3

Week 13: 4-7

Week 14: 2-9

Need some stimulus. Guess it's off to the bathroom with a copy of 'Pro Football Almanac'...


Second week in a row several people (including both Hicks and Gunman :headbang: ) passed me in the final quarter of MNF. With 15 minutes to play, I was at 8-3 and ahead of almost every guy who was up on me in the standings.

Marion Barber's injury has hurt me badly :yawn:

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After my horrible start, I am hoping I can go "BusMan" on everyone over the last 4 weeks. 2 weeks down, 2 to go.


After my horrible start, I am hoping I can go "BusMan" on everyone over the last 4 weeks. 2 weeks down, 2 to go.E
Hopefully you're summoning R2 BusMan and not treading-water R3 BusMan. Thanks for the compliment, though.
Don't have time to do all the possibilities, but if there was no MNF, we're looking at the following:

alonegunman 36-19

construxboy 35-20

John Norton 33-22

Andy Hicks 32-23

Erasure 31-24

nittanylion 31-24

Busman 26-29

Clayton Gray 25-20

David Yudkin 25-20

renesauz 23-32

Master of past and present 17-38

elcohiba 16-39

Don't have time to do all the possibilities, but if there was no MNF, we're looking at the following:alonegunman 36-19construxboy 35-20John Norton 33-22Andy Hicks 32-23Erasure 31-24nittanylion 31-24Busman 26-29Clayton Gray 25-20David Yudkin 25-20renesauz 23-32Master of past and present 17-38elcohiba 16-39
Week 15David Yudkin (166.7 pts) (McNabb - 23.0, Stallworth -7.1, Akers -2.0)ConstruxBoy (163.2 pts) (Buckhalter -17.5)BusMan (160.8 pts) (J. Lewis -8.5)John Norton (157.1 pts) (DONE)nittanylion (155.8 pts) (DONE)alonegunman (146.6 pts) (Curtis -11.1)elcohiba (139.0 pts) (Celek & R. Brown -4.8, Cleveland - 9.0)Eraser (136.0 pts) (Westbrook & Edwards -9.3 & -9.2)Clayton Gray (126.9 pts) (J. Harrison -5.9)Master of Past and Present (126.5 pts) (DONE)Andy Hicks (120.7 pts) (DONE)renesauz (100.3 pts) (D. Jackson -8.6, LJ Smith -4.0, Philadelphia - 2.0)BusMan and alonegunman could move up a spot or two, but the big mover tonight could be Eraser. :fingerscrossed:Good Luck to all!
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Week 5:

11 David Yudkin 177.5

10 ConstruxBoy 163.2

09 Busman 160.8

08 John Norton 157.1

07 nittanylion 155.8

06 alonegunman 150.0

05 elcohiba 144.0

04 eraser 142.4

03 Clayton Gray 126.9

02 MoPaP 126.5

01 Andy Hicks 120.7

00 renesauz 113.4


36 alonegunman

35 ConstruxBoy

33 John Norton

32 Andy Hicks

31 nittanylion

31 eraser

26 busman

25 David Yudkin

25 Clayton Gray

23 renesauz

17 Master of P&P

16 elcohiba

I did this pretty quickly. If anything's off, the MFL Site should update soon...

...almost everyone still in play for a shot at some 'free' scratch!


Be kinda cool if everyone who made it to the Final Leg got an Automatic Invite into next year's competition...(hint, hint) :wink:

So if I get 3 Aaron Rodgers to Donald Lee TDs and 6 Robbie Gould FGs tomorrow night, I think I've got a shot at this thing! :football:

Here's what we have with one game left in the contest:

Current Scores:

Nittanylion	  184.5	DONEMasterPast	 159.5	DONEClayton		 155.8	 CHI DEF -4.0BusMan		 153.7	DONEAndyHicks	 150.4	DONERenesauz	  147.1	Hester/Jennings -11.9/-13.5Erasure		 146.7	Olsen -8.7, GB DEF -0.0alonegun	   146.2	Nelson -11.8Yudkin		  127.0	Orton -26.4, Lloyd -5.4elcohiba		126.4	Driver -6.8Construx	   126.3	Rodgers -14.8, RDavis -7.8, Lee -6.8, either Crosby or GouldNorton		   125.9   Forte/Grant/BJackson -11.0/-13.0/-20.9
Current Standings:
Nittanylion	42-24alonegun	  40-26AndyHicks	39-27Erasure		36-30Construx	  36-30Clayton		34-32BusMan		34-32Norton		  33-33renesauz	  29-37Yudkin		 28-38MasterPast   27-39elcohiba	   18-48
Looks like Nittanylion has it to me. Congrats!
Congrats to NittanyLion!!! Awesome job man.

Final Standings from my calcs:

1) NittanyLion 42-24

2) Erasure 41-25

3) alonegunman 40-26

4) ConstruxBoy 38-28

5) AndyHicks 37-29

6) JohnNorton 35-31

7) ClaytonGray 33-33

8) BusMan 33-33

9) renesauz 29-37

10) MasterofPastPresent 26-40

11) DavidYudkin 25-41

12) elcohiba 17-49

Wow. Just wow...my mind is pretty numb right now, as I'm working my way through one heckuva cold and the meds have me pretty knocked out, but having made my way through this whole Contest has me feeling pretty good...and pretty thankful to a handful of folks that I'd like to mention:

Thanks for the kind congratulatory words from everyone!

Thanks to Footballguys.com for running this Contest - I compete in several High Stakes Local and National Leagues, but as the Season progressed, I found myself more wrapped up in the intrigues of this one than all the rest...from late Sunday Night through Tuesday morning each Week of the Season, I probably checked on the results of this League more than all the others I was involved in. This whole thing was way cool, and had me on the edge of my seat week in, week out.

Thanks to Clayton Gray, who contacted me about filling in when there were some no-shows in the Round 1 Drafts. It was really an honor to get the opportunity to compete in the Contest, and draft repeatedly against some VERY strong competition in each Leg...each field got progressively stronger, as everyone who advanced obviously improved their strategies as the Contest progressed through the Legs. It means a lot to me to have run this gauntlet to its completion, as the Drafts got tougher and tougher. I owe everyone in each of the Sub-Leagues I was in a debt of gratitude for improving me as a Drafter and Strategist. I always welcome an opportunity to learn, and this was a really fantastic experience to learn and grow from as a player.

...and finally, a big thanks to the Players/Teams responsible for performing as well as they did for their contributions:

Leg One (3rd Place):

Schaub/Rosenfels, Warner

Addai/Rhodes, JStewart, FxJones, PThomas/McAllister

RMoss, Holt, LEvans, SMoss, Walter, Patten, Hackett

Daniels, MLewis


Buccaneers, NYJets

Leg Two (2nd Place):


Lynch/FrJackson, TJones/LWashington, Dunn, AHall, Torain

SSmith/Muhammed, Cotchery, Holt, Breaston, JReed

Daniels, Keller, Klopfenstien



Leg Three:


Jones-Drew, DWard, RRice, MMoore, FxJones, Arrington

Fitzgerald, RMoss, Cotchery, HWard, SSmith2, SRice, Stokely

Witten, BMiller, Shiancoe

Kasay, Rackers


...and of course, a tip of the cap, and then some, to Lady Luck, because it's my opinion that like it or not, her favor plays a pretty big role in how these things play out.


Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Congrats to ALL of you guys who made it to the finals. You all won something and deserve some accolades no matter where you finished in the championship round. :goodposting:

Congrats nittanylion and thank you Footballguys for allowing me to be a part of such an entertaining contest!!

My boys fell one game short in their uphill battle. Congrats to all and thanks again.


Just like to congratulate everyone on a hard fought battle, but especially nittanylion for winning it. Well done.

After the 4th week I thought I might be in with a shot, but I just couldn’t get anything out of my receivers when it mattered.

Great competition :thumbup:

Congrats, nittanylion. Very well done and deserved.

This was a really fun contest. In season drafts aren't something I'd done before, and they're a really unique wrinkle to a survivor draft. These short sprints are just great.

If FBGs does this again, I'm game. I'll start working on my fake news stories now...

Thanks, FBGs.


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