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For those facing Cutler... how much are you down by? (1 Viewer)


I am down by 77pts thanks to 46pts by Cutler and 31pts by Royal...

Not what I was hoping for in the middle of a playoff race and in a week where i have a few tough choices to finish out my lineup

QB #2 Delhomme or Cassel behind Ryan (2QB league)

RB#2 Moore or CJ3 (behind ADP)

WR #3 Welker or Muhammad

Only good thing is that I feel that i have an advantage at most of the other matchups, but 77pts is hard to make up

What is everybody else down by after the shootout last night?

Down by 48.18 as I was drilled by a combo of Cutler/Marshall. :thumbup:

I have RBs on byes, and had to start... Selvin Young. Thanks for the 0.2 points dude! :doh:

up 50.5 to 27. I had Cutler, Marshall, Dawson he had Royal and Jamal.

Crazy fantasy game.

League 1: Up 77-0. Had Royal, Winslow, and Marshall going.

League 2: Up 57.18 to 22.1. I had Cutler and Royal. He had Winslow.

up by 34 - I started Marshal, he benched Cutler for Rivers. Cutler scored 69 in our league (10 pts all TDs).

up 51 starting cutler and bmarsh. left scheff on the bench (13 pts). come on bo scaife.

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Besides my keeper league in 5 redraft leagues and I never look at the other owners lineups who I challenge for that week..really don't know if the other owners have him or not or started him or not..like it this way

Up 42-0 with Cutler and Winslow. The 100 point barrier has not yet been broken this season. I like my chances of 100 with Gore, AP, Calvin, Roddy, Steve Smith (The good one), Crosby and either the Panthers or Jags this week.

Oh yeah, WDIS, Jax D vs. Detroit or Carolina vs. Oakland? Thanks in advance. :lmao:

I had Royal and he had Cutler, Winslow, Marshall, and Prater. I am down 92-25 which is alot but it could have been worse if Royal didn't catch that 1 bomb.

I'm down by a score of 53.3 to 20.9 (32.4 points behind), but my opponent has already had 3 of his 9 starters play, while I've only had Marshall go so far. He's also required to start 2 RB's, and has only 1 healthy since SJax is out, so he'll either get a 0 from one of 'em, or have to pick up a scrub off of waivers. Looking at the matchups, I'm pretty optimistic that his lead isn't going to hold up.

I'm facing a Denver Broncos team that consist of 7 Broncos starters including Cutler, Marshall, Royal, Winborn, Webster, Maunel (Safety) and am down 142-0 at this point..

I have Vikings team... gonna be tough to beat.

My league gives a 5 point bonus at 300 yards and a 10 point bonus at 400 yards, not to mention the 6 point bonus for TDs longer than 75 yards. :shrug:

Only 25 points down after facing Cutler and Winslow on thursday night. I had Torain and D'qwell Jackson in, so they got me decent points

In two of my three money leagues the opposing team had Cutler and Royal. One of those leagues you get major bonus points for long TDs. That 90 yarder cost me 40 points.

34 from Cutler and 14 from Marshall, so a grand total of 48. Luckily for me the owner also owns Royal but didnt start him.


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