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Forecast in New England calls for rain tomorrow (1 Viewer)


I have R. Moss and B. Green-Ellis in right now. Should I have cause for concern with either because of the rain? I have no idea how heavy the rain is supposed to be but just looked on weather.com and it says a 90% chance in the evening. I could replace Moss with K. Walter or T. Gonzalez. I could replace Green-Ellis with Hillis.

Rain or no rain the Pats have to throw..they won't get much running against the Jets 5th rank run DT.

They be throwing short passes a lot if it rains hard.

rain favors WR, wind is what is bad on passing
Just checked the forecast - plenty of rain but light winds expected for tonight. I'm not sure either team will run the ball all that well so I think we'll see a lot of passing regardless. I'd expect the RBs to be involved with short passes. I don't think Coles or Cotchery are impacted negatively since the bulk of their routes lately have been intermediate routes. Welker is pretty much a Must Start in any league. Moss might be the guy impacted but it's not like Cassel can throw downfield to begin with so he could still catch a decent amount of passes tonight.
Report from Providence.. 2:10pm. It finally started to rain after all morning of overcast. Providence is about 20-25 minutes south of Foxboro. Looks like 75% chance of rain tonight.


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