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Former NFL player and coach Jack Pardee passes away (1 Viewer)

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Former Houston Oilers, Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears head coach Jack Pardee died Monday night after a battle with cancer, his family said. He was 76.

Here is his obit from NFP's own Brad Biggs for the Chicago Tribune.

Pardee coached the Oilers from 1990-94, replacing Jerry Glanville and guiding the franchise to the final four of seven straight playoff berths. Unfortunately, for Pardee, the most memorable moment was one of the worst in franchise history, blowing a 35-3 lead against Buffalo in the 1992 AFC playoffs.

Pardee also coached the Chicago Bears from 1975-77, and was the team's head coach in Walter Payton's rookie season. He guided the Bears to the playoffs in 1977 and resigned shortly after a playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

He went to the Washington Redskins and coached there until 1980 when he was replaced by Joe Gibbs.
http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/images/wls/cms_exf_2007/news/sports/AP730106023.jpg'>Playing days, with the Redskins (with George Allen)


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