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Forming New Dynasty Leagues and Teams for Sale (1 Viewer)


We are currently forming new Dynasty Auction Salary Cap Leagues. We have a $50 Leauge and a $100 Empire League. If you are not familar with a Empire League, basically $700 each year goes towards this Emperor's pot. When a team wins a championship for two consecutive years, they win the cumulative pot. Once this pot has been won the league disbands and can start over. This brings a different strategy to Dynasty Leagues and could lead to a huge payout to the winner. All entry fees are collected by LeagueSafe! Leagues run through MyFantasyLeague.com

Please check out all our leagues at http://bemycommish.com/Home.html

Ladies Only Leagues forming as well for $29.99. Pass this on to the Ladies that are interested in Fantasty Football!

Also, check out our teams for sale ($50 Leagues). We have some good teams available, so dont miss out. http://bemycommish.com/Teams_for_Sale.html

If you also are tired of running a league and want to focus on your team, we can run your league for you with your rules. Please contact us for details. We specialize in Dynasty Auction Salary Cap Leagues.

Email me if you have any questions!


Commish Anthony

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