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Foster injury = what trade value? (1 Viewer)


Last night I was offered foster for gore. My guy reaction was no way. then I checked to see how bad his injury is and saw that the current information is vague at best. Just curious if people view him As buy low and stash? What offers have people been getting and giving? For me, I threw out rice for foster just to see if he'd bite. That's what I determined as current fair value in a keeper league.

I would not give up Foster for Gore. I wouldn't give up Foster for Rice either. I think his short and long term value is worth more than both of these guys.

Just watched the Foster/Tate owner add in a couple sweeteners, Gostkowski (#1kicker) and MWallace to land L Bell/FJones and some throwbacks. From a team loaded at RB and was terrible at kicker in a 14 team redraft. And now its possible that Foster/Tate will get traded again for some other considerations before the upcoming trade deadline.

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I'm hoping to move Ryan + Rice for Marshall + Foster to the Rodgers owner, so it's pretty close to Rice for Foster, which I like in my favor, even with the injury (I have Shady and Lacy already, so can wait for him to heal)

What you are seeing is the short-term overreaction of frustrated Foster owners. For whatever reason, there is a percentage of Foster owners who have always been very quick to hit the panic button.

Over the years I have seen people advise against going after him when his name first popped up. I have seen people "sell high" and laugh about it when he started that first game well against the Colts. I have seen people sell heavily when he started the season missing a couple of games due to the hamstring. And now, there was a lot of talk in the offseason about being "worn down"etc.

Honestly, it is simply nothing more than knee-jerk reactions. Personally, I would pick Foster over Gore every time right now, even if I knew for a fact that Foster was going to miss another game or two. The end of schedule is just too enticing and it probably is actually a benefit because you will have a relatively fresh Arian foster down the stretch.§

Just moved V. Davis and Garcon for Foster and V. Cruz...the end of the season schedule enticed me enough to make the move.


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