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Fournette/Ingram and Alshon (1 Viewer)

Brandon Will

Fournette, a 1st and 2nd in 2021 for Ingram and Alshon Jeffrey. 

My other rbs are Barkley and Derrick Henry and I need help at WR with Davis, DJ Moore and Sammy Watkins.

20 team dynasty league. No ppr 

I think you are giving up way to much.  I think Fournette and Ingram are fairly close in value so it's giving up a 1st and 2nd for Alshon.  I would start with a much lower offer but anything getting done will completely hinge on whether or not the Ingram owner thinks his landing spot vaulted him up the rankings or not.  For me I would rather have Fournette by quite a bit. 

I think you'd be giving up a bit too much.  Does it look like you will be contending this year?  I think by 2021, you would be regretting making this deal if you didn't have a solid chance at winning a championship.


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