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Frank Gore's Ranking (1 Viewer)


Without giving away any subscriber content I'll just say Dodds has Gore ranked alot high Gore is ranked a lot higher then I would expect going against the stingy Eagles run defense. Up until last week when Portis went off on them they were only giving up an average of 45 yards a game on the ground, and on top of that I could easily see the Eagles getting far enough ahead of the 9ers that Martz decides to, at least somewhat, abandon the run. So why the high ranking? I had already put Gore on my bench in one league in favor of Peterson, McGahee, and Jones Drew but now Im second guessing myself. What are other Gore owners doing this week?

I am starting him...even if Martz goes to the pass, Gore should find himself getting a nice chunk of the receiving looks.

Right now I have Gore starting over Slaton and Grant in a .5 PPR. giving some thought to Slaton but I think Gore will still get his. If this game was in Philly I would bench Gore.

This is going to be one of those games that remind everyone why people automatically assume the Eagles have a good defense.
wut. Meaning the Eagles will provide a lot of evidence that they DO have a good D? Or that we SHOULDN'T just assume they have a good D 'cause the 49ers will get theirs? I'm confused.Starting Gore with confidence. He's not been having fantastic days on the ground anyway, at least against the Pats and Cards. But his receiving yards and TDs offset that.
I will be benching Gore 1 week only this season. Week 9, his Bye week. He's my #1 RB, why would i even consider benching him?

well obviously most redraft teams don't have the depth to bench a guy like Gore, but some dynasty teams do or teams in flex heavy ppr leagues

Does anyone really ever bench their studs? I don't think its a good idea and I definitely wouldnt do it this week.

Even if its a goal line TD and 50 receiving yards with 60 rushing yards thats a fine day.

Benching him for Ronnie Brown. I just think the Eagles D comes out fired up this week after Portis embarrassed them.

I will be benching Gore 1 week only this season. Week 9, his Bye week. He's my #1 RB, why would i even consider benching him?
I agree if you're generally weak at the position. But if you had a couple of other players such as Marshawn, MDJ or other comparables, I can see why you would bench Gore for instance next week when they travel to New York.
I'm in a deep league so obviously I'm going to play my studs no matter what. Besides that, you just don't know what to expect come Sunday. I've seen guys that were projected to explode against an awful defense one week only to put up sub par numbers while others who were up against a tough defense manage to put monster numbers. Any given Sunday, anything can happen. I'll play him not matter what, even if I'm in a 12 or 10 team league.

In PPR leagues Gore is either #2 or #3 RB depending on the yardage,that qualifies as "stud" material.

He's an every week start no matter the opponent. imop

Gore and Turner were drafted as my RB1 & 2. Forte, my 3rd, gets the start over Turner this week.

As others have pointed out, I don't think I will sit Gore regardless of the match up. He has been and will be involved in every type of game the 9ers will play this year... winning or losing.... pass or rush.... so long as he is healthy, he will be on the field and involved in the offense (often as the #1 option).


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