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I am looking possibly for some homers to chime in.

How many plays is Fred Taylor in on? Is he still a viable fantasy starter or is the gameplan geared a lot more toward Jones-Drew now? I know he drew big stats against the Colts, but I think anyone could have run for 100 yards that game.

I'm interested in this too as I thought he'd be a solid, consistent RB2, but I'm not even sure I want to keep him rostered. I'd love to trade him, but doubt I'd get anything for him in return. Any prospects for him to break-out or is their O-Line just not going to allow him to be a viable option this year?

I don't know the exact answers to your questions, but I do know that last year Fred didn't have a 100-yard game until week 12 and then he had 5 in a row to finish the season (sat week 17). Right now Taylor has more yards than he did in his first 4 games last year.

My point is that if you went through the trouble of drafting the guy you're probably better off holding on to him than cutting him or giving him away for peanuts.

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