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Free 16 Team FleaFlicker IDP Keeper League Needs New Owner Today If Po (1 Viewer)


Hey guys and gals,

I just had a guy drop out of the league this morning. I am looking for a new owner ASAP. It is a pretty fun and competitive league for a freebie. The scoring is a little different than most leagues, as it is set up where the IDPs can score as much as the offensive guys over the course of the season. Right now it looks like the defenders are leading the way, but it always starts out like that and the best offensive guys will catch up in a few weeks. Like I said it is a fun league. There is not as much conversation on the message boards as I would like but everyone is pretty active with their teams and it has been pretty good so far this season.

Here is a link to the team http://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/team?leagueId=119961&teamId=860342 Not a bad team at all for a 16 team league.

Please email me at The18thLetter27@yahoo.com if you are interested. Only looking for good active owners. Newbies are welcome, but just be committed to the team and league. I will go over some more of the details of the league after I here from you.

Thanks everyone for your time.


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Hey folks,

The spot has been taken, but if any of you are interested in the league, send me your info and I will keep in touch. I will probably be starting another league identical mid summer next season if the set up looks like something you would be interested in.

Thanks for any interest.



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