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Free 32 Team Dynasty Startup League (1 Viewer)


Free 32 Team Dynasty Salary Cap IDP League

MLFF 32 Format

2 Conference 8 Division League. 4 Teams in each Division. All teams named after real NFL teams, and placed in real NFL Divison.

Starting Lineups




1-FLEX (RB or WR)








Yards................ 25 per Point

TD's ...................6 Points

2 Pt Conv...........2 Points

INT......................- 2 Points


Yards.................10 yards per Point

TD.......................6 Points

2 PT Conv...........2 Points

Fumble Lost........ - 2 Points


Yards...................10 yards per Point

Receptions............1 Point Each

TD........................ 6 Points

2 PT Conv..............2 Points

Fumble Lost........... - 2 points


PAT.......................1 Point

FG 0-39 Yards........3 Points

FG 40-49................4 Points

FG 50 and UP.........5 Points


Solo tackle...............2 Points

Assisted Tackle........1 Point

INT...........................5 Points

Sacks.......................5 Points

Pass Defensed.........2 Points

TO returned for TD...7 Points

Forced Fumbles.........2 points

Recovered fumbles....4 points

Safties.......................2 Points

*All Points are fractional. All Players can get points in each category...IE....WR can score points Rec..rushing and passing*

Salary Cap

The Total Salary cap for your team is $115.00

Roster Size

The Total number of players on your roster is limited to 35

Waiver Wire

At anytime you can place a player on the waiver wire. To do this post a thread in Waiver Wire board located within the MLFF Transaction Board. Post the players name...position...real life NFL team and current contract along with years. EX: Browns Waive Rex Grossman QB CHI ($3 / 2 years). You are still liable cap wise for the players salary and it does count towards the $115 cap however it does open up a spot on your active 35 man roster. At anytime you can reclaim this player or any other team in the MLFF can claim this player and take on his salary. To claim a Player off of the Waiver Wire simply post within the Waiver Wire thread: Bengals Claim Rex Grossman QB CHI ($3 / 2 years). At that time the Bengals are now responsible for all of Grossman's Salary for the duration of his contract and the Browns are 100% off of the hook. A player U have placed on the waiver wire can be traded at anytime.

Cutting a Player

At Anytime you have the option of cutting a player. to do this simple post in the MLFF Cut Thread under MFLL Transactions. Cutting a player opens up a roster spot on your 30 man roster instantly. You receive a 1.5 annual salary penalty on your cap number when doing so. EX. Browns Cut QB Rex Grossman CHI $3 / 2 years. Browns cap number on Grossman would be $4.50 for 1 Year then he would be off of the books. As soon as a player is cut he is placed into the Free Agency pool. Even if signed by another team, the Browns still must pay the $4.50 for the duration of the year. For each season...the last day to cut a player and take the hit that year will be before the start of play Week 7. The day after our Super Bowl (NFL WEEK 16) the hit will be off of the books. However if U cut someone say week 9 of our 2008 season....the cap hit will not be off of the books until the day after our 2009 Super Bowl.


If a player on your roster retires you are still responsible for his entire contract. Please be careful when signing players to long contracts. If a player is suspended or injured you are also still 100% responsible for his entire contract. the only way you are immediately let off of the hook for any contract without penalty is the death of a player.

Free Agency

Free Agency will be a auction. Starting bids must be $1 and accompanied by the number of years the contract is for. Bids must go in a minimum of .50 cents increments. Once a bid is idle for 24 Hours that player is won by the highest bidding team. At no time can ANY BID BE RETRACTED. Also if U are at 35 players YOU CANNOT bid on any Free Agents. You Must waive, cut or trade away a player to free up the roster spot BEFORE bidding. Also at no time may a bid put you over the $95 salary cap. A Penalty will occur if either of these instances arise. EX of bidding on a Free Agent: Browns bid $2.50 1 year on Brett Favre QB GB Ending @ 11:34 AM EST Thursday the 24'th. You bid on Free Agents by posting in the MLFF Free Agency Thread located under MLFF Transactions. Free Agency will begin at 12:01 AM for the 2007 season 2 days following our initial player and rookie draft. Free Agency ends the day before our 2008 Super Bowl. Free Agency will start on March 1'st after each season. Contract length for any player won during Free Agency is 1-6 years.

Resigning a Player

At the beginning of every off season you will have 2 weeks to choose whether to resign players whose contracts are ending. During these 2 weeks is the only time trading will be put on hold. You may resign a maximum of 4 players per year. 2 players for $1 over there current yearly cap number. These 2 Players can be signed to 1-6 Year Contracts. The other 2 at $2 over their current yearly cap number. These players can be signed to 1-6 year Contracts. A Thread will be started following the season to post your decisions in. All non-resigned players will enter the Free Agent market. If U choose only to resign 2 players it doesn't matter which option the $1 over or $2 over.....same as if U do 1 player or 3 players. If resigning only 3 players U can do 2 players at $1 over and 1 at $2 over. Or Vice Versa.


Regular Season will consist of 14 weeks. Playoffs and Championship game will be weeks 15-17. Top team in each division make the playoffs and are seeded 1-4 by overall record. (4 teams Per Conference) Regular season schedule consists of playing the 3 other teams within your Division 2 times (6 Games). Playing 2 other divisons 1 time (1 AFc and 1 NFC) (8 Games) This totals 14 Regular Season games. Playoffs will be weeks 15 and 16. Championship game will be week 17.

Player Draft

The 2008 Player Draft will be 26 Rounds in a snake order. This draft will not include rookies but will be for both offense and defense. There will be 2 seperate drafts. 1 for the AFC where only AFC teams can be picked. The other for the NFC where only NFC players can be picked. Draft picks can be traded form AFC to NFC and vice versa. Following this draft a 4 round Rookie draft will be held. This will also be in the snake format. It will include all 32 MLFF teams, there will just be 1 rookie draft. For the first draft the pick order will be drawn random and made known when the league is full. The First 8 Rounds of the veteran draft will be 24 Hours per Pick. Rounds 9-25 will be 12 hours per pick. The Rookie Draft will have 24 clock time Round 1 with Rounds 2-4 being 12 hours per selection. If a Manager goes over his alloted time the draft goes on to the next person. However the manager missing his pick can still make his pick at anytime...but still has the salary requirements set with that pick regardless of how many other picks are made before he makes that pick. You will be allowed to trade picks will OTC. During any draft after you pick your player the contract you would like to sign him to must be immediately put on your post as you make your selection...also remember to put the next team on the clock: EX Browns select Eli Manning $4 4 years. Bills are OTC till 1:34 Pm Monday the 15'th. This goes for both initial startup drafts. As well as any future rookie drafts. Also remember trading not allowed when your team is OTC to speed up the initial player drafts.

2008 Draft Cap Values

Veteran Draft:

Round 1 & 2 .................$7

Round 3........................$6

Round 4-5.....................$5

Round 6-9.....................$4

Round 10-13.................$3

Round 14-18.................$2

Round 19-26.................$1

Rookie Draft

Round 1 Picks 1-16.......$4

Round 1 Picks 17-32.....$3

Round 2........................$2

Round 3 & 4..................$1

Player Contract Length

For both initial drafts...you have complete freedom in determining each players contract length. You can pick anywhere from 1-6 years. And you can have as many players at X number of years as you choose. Please be careful..as all contracts are guaranteed even with retirement.


All trades need to be posted in the Trades Thread located under the MLFF Transaction Board. They most be approved by both participating owners. Also the contracts with cap number and years must be posted for all players involved in each trade. Any unfair trades should be brought to the attention of the Commissioner or your conference chairman for investigation. Keep in mind though...being a Dynasty League some people value youth higher then others depending on where that certain team is at. Draft Picks may be traded up to 2 years at a time. EX. Once we announce the league has started you can trade Rookie Draft Picks from 2008 and 2009. 2010 Draft Picks cannot be traded until the conclusion of the 2008 Rookie Draft. Remember that when you trade for a player you inherit his current contract there is no restructuring ever allowed.

Annual Rookie Draft

Starting in 2009 on May 1'st of each and every year will be our annual Rookie Draft. This Draft will be for Rookies only no veterans. Draft selection will go from worst to first and be formated just like the NFL Draft. In the case of a tie (2 or more teams with the same record) The team with the lowest number of points for the past season will get the earlier pick. It will go directly by record for selections 1-30. Selection 31 and 31 Will be the Champion and league runner-up for the past season. Where you where eliminated in the playoffs will not matter since the other 30 spots go directly by record. Technically a non- playoff AFC team could pick later then a playoff NFC team. It will be a 4 round draft. Players can be signed to 1-6 year contracts. Draft values are as follows:

Rookie Draft

Round 1 Picks 1-16.......$4

Round 1 Picks 17-32.....$3

Round 2........................$2

Round 3 & 4..................$1

General Rules

Owners are expected to be on website on a bi-daily basis.

All Rule Change Polls should be voted on by every owner.

All Complaints sent by PM to commish (no nonsense on the boards)

League will be hosted by ESPN

There will be NO INJURED RESERVE. The roster is at a strict 35 player limit regardless.

Playoff Tie breakers are 1. H2H....2 Total Points scored.

Restricted Free Agency (RFA)

Compensation Levels / Tenders

$5 - 1st & 3rd round picks

$4 - 1st round pick

$3 - 2nd round pick

$2 - 3rd round pick

$1 - 4th round pick

You have the right to match the offer that the highest bidder from another team bid on the player or receive the compensation

All bid's must be higher than the tender offered by the original team.

Example - I tender JoJo Jackson $5, you must offer at least $0.50 more than the tender, so the minimum bid would be $5.50

Only players (rookie contracts) that are still with the original team can be designated for RFA

If you tender a player a contract & no team sign him, you may only sign him to a 1 year contract

You can re-sign 4 players each year...two at $1 more and two at $2 more, only one of this per year can be a player coming off a rookie contract

LOOKING FOR VERY ACTIVE OWNERS!! PM me with your fantasy resume and/or a bit about yourself. or email me at twong96@hotmail.com


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