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Free agent D players ? (1 Viewer)


ok.. We can pick up free agents after gm time sunday.. Should I grab 1 player at each slot LB / DL / DB ?I like my starters, not saying they are studs, just steady. But my resv players I think there are better out there !Welcome thoughts.. Keeper Lg.. can keep 3 D players.Scoring is -13 teams........We get 1.5 pts tackle / 1 pt asst. / 4 pts sack / 2 pts for 1/2 sack / 4 pts for int. / 4 pts fumble recovery / 2 pts pass defended / 6 pts defensive TD.. Have to start 1 D lineman / 1 Linebacker / 1 Def back / and 4 D flex slots..Also have 3 D reserve spots.** I want to start each wk.. 3 LB / 2 DL / 2 DB .. agree ? In starting line up - Leonard Little , K. Udeze..Zach Thomas , Dat Nguyen, Eric Barton..Darren Sharper, A. Rolleon resv..Ty Law, E.James, & S.MerrimanOK.. I'm thinking rel Merriman, James, & LawFree agents avail. - Linebackers - Channing Crower - Mia.Lofi Tatupa - seattleAntwan Peek - houstonLike those 3 above .. also P.Boulware & M. Patton kc ..not sure of both of these guys status.. DB - Mike Brown - chi.Lawyer Milloy - buff.S. Springs - wash. C. Chavous - minn.Kerry Rhodes - nyjJay Bellamy - saintsNick Harper - indyQ. Jammer - sdBrian Kelly - bucsPac man Jones - tenn..Dwight smith - saintsL.Schulters - mia.DL -My pick > Justin Smith - cinn.or D. Howard - saintsM.Spears - dal.Alex Brown - chi.Tommie Harris - chi.Greg Ellis - dal. K. Carter - miaG. Spires - bucsL. Johnstone - minn..My top 3 choices are DL - J. Smith - cinn > AND would you also rel Udeze to grab Howard ?LB - Dont know > Peek / Crower / Tatupa ? also Keep D.Sharper ( I think so ) ?DB - Mike Brown or L. Milloy ? Help me out guys..Thks, Pete

You're thinking about your reserves correctly.From the LB corp, Crowder and Tatupu are the MLBs out of the list. Merriman would really have to be a stud OLB to outscore those guys. Brown is the clear DB with Milloy second, they are the SS out of the group. Howard is in a rotation so I think I would give Udeze some time before pulling that switch. Justin Smith is still waiting to break out.


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