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Free Agent Pickup: Dobson or Cooper? (1 Viewer)

viking fan

Standard PPR league. Looking for depth at WR. Cant decide between Dobson or Cooper. I'm thinking Dobson. Thoughts?

I had that same decision. I went with Cooper. He's the #2 option behind Desean Jackson and Dobson is going to compete with Gronk, Amendola, Vereen, and Edelman for targets.....all while NE is more of a run-first team.

Good points. Forgot that Vereen should be coming back in Week 12. That'll cut into everyone's production except for Gronk. thanks guys.

Maybe instead of AC forum this belongs maybe in the Week 10 WW thread, but anyway it's worth discussing...

I went Dobson. I know Cooper's been good with Foles, it's actually been going on for weeks, and even last year, it's funny how it's just being widely discussed. If Vick is in, cut Coop; if Foles is in pick him up.

But Dobson has Brady, and actually I think (just my belief) that he has himself become a cog in that Pats passing game (should it continue). To me, I'd add Dobson to Gronk and Vereen as the main components, and it's Amendola and Edelman getting dialed up as the 4th option on any given Sunday.

I think the upside is better in the event that Brady continues hot like he was vs PIT. I know Pats fans will say that the ball could go anywhere but to me this has been going on a few weeks now. Dobson appears to be a target and a part of the primary offense now, at least since the Saints game. I think Dobson can have the bigger game any given Sunday (last Sunday excepted of course, but again 2 TDs sure ain't bad).

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I was actually just going to post this in the WW thread, but then saw this. I'm leaning towards Cooper, because I think Foles starts the rest of the year. Dobson will still be valuable, but I think Cooper has a slightly higher ceiling and probably a higher floor as well.


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