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Free Contract IDP league opening (1 Viewer)


We have an opening in a contract league using IDP's. Our league has been in existence since 2006. The team you will take over has won the league the past two years. It's just for fun..there is a small yearly fee for MFL site fee and a posting board maintenance fee. It's usually around $10 a team per year.

We auction all FA vets. Hold a yearly rookie draft. You need to plan on checking in on the boards once a day to monitor bidding activity, from March 20th through end of season.

We need someone immediately as April 1st is supposed to be start of RFA bidding period. But you will have time to come up to speed before we start up...at least a week...

If interested, you can email me at burtpaulson2002@yahoo.com...I can shoot you a copy of the rule book if you'd like also.



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