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Free DieHard Dynasty IDP FFL (MFL) looking for competitive owners (1 Viewer)


[SIZE=small]Hi ,[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]my name is Amit [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]i bought a deluaxe league on MyFantasyLeague site (MFL)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]// but its not a money league --- no need managers to pay for participate) ..[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]i love IDP and this is a Diehard dynasty IDP FF league after 8 years on redradt leagues[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]24x7 online chat league on the league site[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]2 divisions - each 18 teams who functions as a uniqe league till the finals between the champs of each of them at the end of the year[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]larger roster -45 players, rook's pool and IR -move with you to next year[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]trade picks (also option on next year ones) and not just players[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]salaries, contract years, auction/bid on the waivers players , budjets to each team .. sqeduale according to what we want and not just 13-14 games per regular season .. playoff in weeks 14-16 (not 17) .. and so much more[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]thinking of doing the first live draft this coming friday(just on veteran players from year 3 and on) and then slow draft (pick can be till 2-6 hours) just on the rooki+second year players (in the opposite order selection to the snake live first draft).[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]plz advice me whether u have the time and want to join forces and enjoy exciting new DH (dynasty) format to us - and send me ur email add. :) tell me ur exp abit and ur thought, tips, offers to change or etc..[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]thanks in advance, Amit[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]league site: http://www33.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/47711#0 [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]still needs to finishing up the setting [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Emails: amitttamar@aim.com[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Messenger: [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]AOL - amitttamar[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Y! - [/SIZE][SIZE=small]amitttamar@yahoo.com[/SIZE]

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