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Free Dynasty - Need 2 - Year 3 (1 Viewer)


Just posting to see if I get any interest. I have a 12 team dynasty looking to replace 2 local teams. It's a free league, with mostly local guys. Going on year 3

It's a PPR league, starting 2 QBs, college development draft, contract based with salary cap. We have a 157M salary cap. The two open teams have a decent squad. We want to start bidding on free agents in the next couple weeks. I'll post the key players below. Email me if you have interest in taking over a team. kmorel@mail.usf.edu

Team A:
Russell Wilson
Drew Brees
Adrian Peterson
Miles Austin
Kendall Wright
104M cap space to spend

Team B:
Eli Manning
Ben Roethlisberger
Steven Jackson
Jonathan Stewart
Lamar Miller*
Andre Johnson
Steve Johnson
Mike Wallace
Kyle Rudolph
73M cap space to spend


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