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Free NCAA Bracket Contest from Masters, Win Fantasy Football Teams (1 Viewer)


At MastersFantasyFootballLeagues.com we run a free NCAA bracket contest for our 12,000 customers and give the winners free teams in our football leagues. This year we are running our 5th contest

We have decided to run a contest just for the forums as a way to introduce ourselves to anyone who wants to participate...no cost to enter and no further commitment needed or expected, just a chace to interact with other people who love fantasy football.

First place will win a Bronze team, ($118) value

Second wins a Copper team, ($65) value

3rd thru fifth wins a Tin team ($45) value.

just click this link: http://mastersforum.mayhem.cbssports.com/e?ttag=13_cbspaste

password is - "masters"

and set your bracket - brackets are being hosted at cbs sports


Each win in 1st round is worth 1 point, 2nd round 2 pts, 3rd round 3 pts, 4th round 4 pts, 5th round 5 pts and final game 6 pts.

tiebreaker is total points in championship game

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right now your chances of winning a free team are pretty good...only 7 entries so far...for what it is worth there are over 300 entries in the bracket contest we are having with our current customers...it is free to enter...winning one of our bronze fantasy leagues pays $720.00...we are giving away 5 free teams to the top 5

odds if winning a free league are pretty good...right now only 7 entries...first place payout on a bronzr league is $720


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