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Free Non-PPR Dynasty Startup on Sleeper - I want you to decide rules (1 Viewer)


[edit: league is full]

I commission two Yahoo! leagues, the longest for over 20 years, and the other a 10 year old keeper league.  Being a traditionalist I looked for a non-PPR dynasty league but couldn't find many, so decided to start one.  I want the managers to help decide the league structure, so I have a long list we can discuss and vote on, like:

  • draft type
  • flex/superflex
  • K/DST or no
  • bench size
  • waivers
It'll be a slower setup, but hopefully more fun for all in the end.  Usually I've drafted late August/early September, might start earlier if it ends up a slow draft.  I've had luck finding good managers here in the past and hope it continues!

Please PM with any questions and we can discuss there and/or in email.

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