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Freeney or Mathis (1 Viewer)


The Lions give up the most sacks in the league. The question is, which side of their OL is worse....the left or right side? Who has the better chance of posting big numbers this week, Freeney or Mathis? Both are pretty hot right now.

Cool, thanks. Sounds like Freeney is the better play because he takes more snaps than Mathis...and will have more opportunities.

I don't know. Mathis has been such a beast lately, does he have more hop in his step than Freeney at this point or should we just play the matchups?

I think they are like 1 and 1A this week. Both should have great games. But I give Freeney the edge because he plays right end and Mathis plays left end. The Lions usually have the TE or a RB help out rookie right tackle Gosder Cherilus, while Backus blocks by himself more. I just think Freeney will have more clear paths to the QB, but I think both will have good games. I also think Freeney is healthy now and a healthy Freeney is an elite DE.

another thinly disguised WDIS :lmao:

kidding, I'm sure if you had the option, you start them both.

2.5 sacks each


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