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FSWA playoffs (1 Viewer)


This league is 48 members of the FSWA(Fantasy Sports Writers Association) that are invited to play against each other in a league. 4 leagues of 12. Top 4 (2 PF, 2 best record) from each league make the playoffs.

I'm pretty sure the members here know several of these people. Even though it's just qualifying for playoffs, IMO Bloom deserves his props too for most points for in the regular season. Andrew(NoFBinLA) is 3rd which is nothing to sneeze at either. I'm not sure if FantasyTrader that posts here is either guy from FFTrader.


01. Footballguys - Sigmund Bloom  142.89

02. FF Trader - Perkins  137.11

03. The Thundering Blurb  131.40

04. The Scores Report  130.09

05. Fantasy Insights - Smitty  128.29

06. FSP - Mike Jones  126.64

07. Fantasy Football Times  126.56

08. Barracuda Sports  126.32

09. RotoWire - DVR  125.51

10. CBS Sports  125.35

11. Team Jon Williams  123.78

12. Fantasy Football Trader - Jon  123.13

13. Team M. Schauf  121.01

14. The Roto Experts  120.75

15. FFT JFish  120.20

16. TFS - Yeastie  116.41

I don't want to call out the folks that didn't qualify but, suffice to say it's 32 very good FF people and members here know a whole lot of them too.


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