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Fuentes to Angels (1 Viewer)

Makes sense. Angels needed a closer and despite interest from the Cardinals, it just seemed Fuentes was destined to be an Angel.

Besides, for the Cardinals, I don't think Fuentes would have made a lot of sense if the Cards were just looking for a 1 to 2 year stopgap. I think Takashi Saito would be perfect for the Cards, IMO.

Very good deal for Anaheem IMO. I'd take Fuentees over K-Rod even if the money were equal.
Hell no and I'm not even a huge K-Rod fan.
Less walks, similar K's, more HR's.They're comparable. I wouldn't say Fuentes > K Rod without factoring in $, but after factoring in $ I'd take Fuentes over K Rod in a heartbeat. He had the one meltdown in the middle of 07 but has been very good and for the most part healthy outside of that in recent years.

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