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FULL! - $100 LeagueSafe salary cap IDP empire league (1 Viewer)


A Lord of the Rings themed 12-team empire league hosted on MFL https://www72.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/74000#0 , with 20% of the league fees going into a progressive pot managed through LeagueSafe every year. https://www.leaguesafe.com/classifieds/listing/3967089

The entry fee for the league is $100. Salary cap auction to start after league fills. Only 4 teams remain available.

Starting lineups in One Ring Empire League consist of eleven offensive and eleven defensive players. 1-2-3 defensive scoring gives IDP balance.

QB / RB / WR / TE Scoring

0.1 points for every rushing yard (-0.1 points for each negative rushing yard)
0.1 points for every receiving yard (-0.1 points for each negative receiving yard)
0.04 points for every passing yard (-0.04 points for each negative passing yard)
0.5 points for every reception (1 point TE premium)
3.0 points for each passing touchdown
6.0 points for each touchdown scored (rushing, receiving, fumble recovery, or punt/kick return)
1 point for every 2-point conversion pass or reception
2 points for every 2-point conversion run
-1.0 points for every interception thrown
-1.0 points for every fumble lost to opponent
-1.0 points for every sack taken

IDP Scoring - DL/LB/DB

1 point for assisted tackles
2 points for Tackle/Tackle for Loss (TFL)
3 points for passes defended
3 points for Forced/Recovered fumbles
3 points Safeties
3 points for each punt, field goal attempt, or extra point attempt blocked 
6 points for each sack
6 points for each interception
6 points for each TD scored

League prize money will be distributed through LeagueSafe upon completion of the championship game and approval by majority vote. The prize money will be paid out in the following manner:

Champion receives $400 + 50% of all fees collected 
Runner-Up received $250 + 25% of all fees collected
Consolation receives $150 + 15% of all fees collected
League Scoring Champion* receives $100 + 10% of all fees collected

In addition to the annual winnings, if a Champion claims the One Ring by winning the second championship in consecutive seasons, they will also be awarded the progressive pot as detailed below.

Value of One Ring in year 2 - $880 plus 50% of collected fees ($880 = $400 for current year championship + $480 bonus for back to back) 
Value of One Ring in year 3 - $1120 plus 50% of collected fees ($1120 = $400 for current year championship + $720 bonus for back to back)
Value of One Ring in year 4 - $1360 plus 50% of collected fees ($1360 = $400 for current year championship + $960 bonus for back to back)
And so, it continues until someone wins it all….

Full rules - https://sway.office.com/FTKVnMEOi1D6yWGe?ref=Link

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