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32 teams, 53 man rosters and 8 man taxi squad.

21 starters

2 Inaugural drafts for Veterans and Rookies.

Annual rookie-only draft occurring soon after the NFL draft.

Annual off season supplemental draft and blind bidding waivers.

Sign players off opposing franchises practice squad for a price.

In order to allow for 32 teams yet 53 players and a normal level of starters, there are two copies of each NFL player in the league although you can only own one copy of the player at any time. This adds many extra trading opportunities, strategy around drafts and an increased chance of rostering your favorite players.

Large prize pools with 100% payouts less MFL league fees of $70/yr approx.

Designed to last for the long haul with league parity in mind to re-balance each year so the league stays competitive.

Extra compensatory rookie draft picks, holdover of 25% of prize money years 1-4 in order to have double prizes (Super Pool Concept) every 5 years.

Basic Rules

Common Rulebook

Please email me for more info



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Forgot to mention that its a startup league and we draft within two weeks

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