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Fuller out! Add Ridley,Funch,Kupp,KennyG (1 Viewer)



I have Diggs, Gordon, A.Cooper.

Will Fuller out! Which WR do I add:

Ridley, Kupp, Golladay, Funcheasy, Baldwin or Keke Coutee

Thoughts ?

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All good choices with all having limitation.  Kupp would be my first choice if he will be coming back as good as before.  Then Golladay.  Are you dropping Amari to pick one up>

I’d go Kupp then Keke. I’m curious if Vyncint Smith or Sammie Coates will have any value going forward. Thinking of grabbing one of them myself since Keke is gone. 

Add all three of these, Kupp, Golladay and Coutee,  drop Gordon and Cooper in addition to Fuller


I assume you are replacing Fuller here, but Cooper is worth dumping too.


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