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Game Diary: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos (1 Viewer)


In my quest to read every single word published about yesterday's AFC championship, I stumbled across

Game Diary: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos

Travis has game. Some good stuff in his running diary.

11. Nate Washington makes his first catch of the season ... how does this happen? A whole season, and then he gets broken out for the championship game? Further, where in the world is his school, Tiffin? I think he might not have had a catch until now because it took the Steelers this long to find him. Berger goes deep to the end zone for Washington, but Dominque Foxworth is aware Tiffin is located in the bustling metropolis of Tiffin, Ohio. According to their Web site, Aaron Long from the class of 2003 had this to say: "It's a challenging program that is well worth it in the end." Seriously, what quote did this beat out to be featured on the front page of the school? Tomorrow it should just say, "Tiffin: Nate Washington went here."

27. Was anyone else blown away by the rap song to open the second half? Somewhere Tupac just rolled over in his grave. And Deacon Jones again? This qualifies as his second inaugural address. Taking a page from Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural, this one is entitled: "With Malice Towards All."

33. The NFL should make those three Nextel dancing guys the halftime show. Or at least make the Asian guy the deejay. Seriously ... please do this.

42. I just don't understand how kickers ever put the kickoffs out of bounds. This is the legal equivalent of showing up at the dry cleaners to argue a case. Steelers take over at the 40. But the Broncos hold the Steelers to three-and-out and take over possession at the 19.

47. Nice towel hanging in the stands: "Detroit Recalls Bus No. 36." This is going to become the most famous trip home since Thomas Wolfe went back to Asheville. But seriously, Jerome Bettis is a multimillionaire. Has he not been able to afford to return to Detroit at all during his NFL career? Regardless, if the NFC team is smart, they'll look to cancel out the power of Jerome Bettis' amazing homecoming by signing his father for short yardage plays.


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