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Game Thread Bills@Dolphins (1 Viewer)

Chambers is looking like a stud - who would have thought that he'd have #1 numbers as a #2 while Marvin (my #1) would struggle! Nice find!

Chambers is just so naturally talented. For anyone who is a Dolphins fan knows that. He got really shook up when he took that hit in Denver, but now he has that #1 receiver mentality now and he will be a 1200 8 td receiver mayby even 10 td

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Anyone catch Joe "Wunderlic" Thiessman's latest gem:"Chambers made a real galiant effort on that play."galiant. :rotflmao: Thigh's Man is priceless.

you know what though... shows class by fiedler to go up to Mcknight and just let him know it was alright.

I am officially sick of the following commercials featuring NFL football players:1) Stacy Morgan and Warren Sapp for that ESPN football video game2) Ray Lewis in those various active wear commercials3) Brian Urlacher in the Old Spice Deodorant commercial

Is this a joke?They are gonna lose to a team that has yet to score more then 21 points in a game.
Yes, sort of tongue and cheek.But there have only been one or two Ds that have been as dominant and opportunisticc this year. Also, like the Bucs last year, their D seems to score as much as their offence does for fantasy teams.And as far as they are "gonna" lose to a team that has yet to score more then 21 points in a game -- there is still PLENTY of time on the clock yet...
The first 10,000 times I've seen it, maybe.
I pretty much thought it sucked those times, too.So that guy actually has a name, and people know who he is? This does not speak well of the world, IMO.
thats because they are playing Miami... Miami has to much talent, and when they play at home, they get pumped.

cant base a bad season on 1 day. Miami had new people coming in, Knight and Seau at to important positions. The reason texans won was because Sammy Knight got blown by Corey Bradford on a miscoverage and because Mark Royals is a bad kicker who needs to retire.


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