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Game Thread: Bucs vs. Eagles (1 Viewer)

Ever since Gruden came and added the WCO, the Bucs just trash the Iggles.I hope Belichick and can copy Tampa's game plan when we play em next week.We dont have Tampa's talent, but if we hold em to 10-16, then we have a good shot at winning.

You know, the overall play by JJ was great. BUT, tipping the ball up like that is a HIGH RISK play. He was very lucky to make that play.Go Bucs.....

Not to be a name-dropper, but I went to high school with Joe Jurevicius, and that catch was awesome! :)

I woulda won if Jurevicius hadn't been so selfish and tipped that last one to Key. :angry:

Donovan, Donovan, Donovan...you're not helping me here!I only need McNabb, Gramatica and Dawkins to outscore Akers and Brian Kelly by 13 points to win. Two of them are doing their part. Meanwhile, had I started Trent Green I'd be winning right now. :wall: :wall: :wall:

Did McNabb look like he didn't want to be their to anyone else?He looked tired all game, no energy at all.

Needed 8 points by Brad Johnson and got 16!!!! :D :) :yes: :rotflmao: :thumbup: :cool: :P ;) :lol:1-0 BABY!!!!!!!!!

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I lost thanks to the Bucs D getting a shutout.Why wouldnt the Eagles kick a FG at the end just to save face and not take a shutout in their first game at their new stadium? The fact that it was at the hands of the ONE team theyll need to find a way to beat if they wanna make it to the SB boggles my mind.They stopped trying late in the 4th. Heartless.and the playcalling in the 1st half??? Andy Reid = fat tub of goo! :hot: :wall: :hot:

Wingnut I thought the same thing. They were on the Bucs 30 at the end, well within Akers range. Why not avoid the shutout. It's not like they threw a hailmary with their last pass, it was just the usual 3 yard dink. The worst effort I saw from any team all weekend.

The worst effort I saw from any team all weekend.
You didn't see the Bears game, did you? :thumbdown: Anyhow, to be topical...looks like if I calculated correctly, I lost this week...BY TWO FREAKING TENTHS OF A POINT! Gee, thank you ever so much McNabb. :wall: :wall: :wall:
turns out I lost :wall: would have won on the (should have been called) safety, since it would have also counted as a sackfantasy football, gotta love it :wacko:

I thought it should have been a safety also_On the first drive of the game, McNabb was in the grasp for about half a second (but not tackled) and they called it a sack. The apparent safety was a lot closer to being "in the grasp" than the play on the first drive, but they didn't call it. Gotta think the ref was scared to call a safety without a player actually going down.I think if that play takes place outside of the endzone, the ref blows it down as a sack.


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