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**Game Thread W1 - Denver@Miami** (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Good luck all as the first Sunday of the season is upon us.For those new to us, here is how the Shark Pool runs on game day.Prior to game time threads about fantasy relevant news are posted and generally pinned. If something is missing let us know. Once game time starts, these threads are unpinned and game threads, injury news etc are pinned. Where possible keep the game comments in that thread. The Shark Pool gets awfully cluttered on Sundays and to keep as much information on the front page as possible, some threads may be merged with others. There should be a venting thread, so try to avoid starting a new thread about the misfortunes of your team. If a thread is started and it doesn't add value to the Shark Pool it may get locked or deletedThis thread is to post anything pertaining to the game listed. Of particular interest are things like how a QB is reacting, how much pressure the D is applying, how well the running game is working or anything, who's getting targetted & anything relevant that fantasy owners may want to see out of this game. Remember not everyone is watching the game, so if someone makes a great catch describe in as much detail as possible.

My prediction DEN over MIA 28-17Plummer two TD passes, one pick to Jason Taylor, and oh yeah, Jake threw it with his left hand.

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Very nice effort by Chambers to try to pull in that pass though.-Even though it was not complete-Hell yeah T Bell with 30+ yarder

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Surebrun is looking very nice-and of course that what im looking for in my teams opening game, the punter is looking great!

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Man, they realllly need to get a new picture for jake plumer. If you watching the game, every time they show a jake plummer stat, and show his file picutre, it is quite ugly.

1st quarter recap....Im very scared for the Broncos, their only good play was a 40yd run by Bell, everything else sucked nuts. On def, stopping the run is no problem for DEN, but we need to work on the pass D

Jake looks terrible--he is way too antsy in the pocket and not going through his reads.He does this for more than 3 games and you are going to hear the call for the local boy BVP to step in (which would be a mistake IMO)

Yeah, booker is looking good. Bailey seems to be giving may to much cushion. At the snap he start sprinting downfield, then Gus just throws the 5yd stuff.

Tatum Bell looks like the answer for DEN at RB, Anderson just is not fast enough. Bell gives them the lightning they need to get their offense on a roll today.

Tatum Bell looks like the answer for DEN at RB, Anderson just is not fast enough. Bell gives them the lightning they need to get their offense on a roll today.
that will solve both of your problems. One missed blitz pickup and Jake is on the sideline too.Bell is in the game on this drive FYI to anyone wanting to know.


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