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Game Thread W10 - Minnesota@San Diego (1 Viewer)

keep doubting suckas, he even got Boston going.. how can you not believe in the magic that is Flutie after that?

Just leave...
It was between Warrick and Boston today. I'm glad to see that in the first 4 mins of the SD game that I chose correctly.Just as I suspected....Dodds *is* on crack. :P
It was between Warrick and Boston today. I'm glad to see that in the first 4 mins of the SD game that I chose correctly.
me and you both bruh.. the Flakes factor was too much for me to ignore.
...and here I am patting myself on the back for the Boston TD while my opp this week gets 26 points from LT2 and The Other Moss within about 30 secs of each other. :hot: Boston, if you're gonna get 20 touches, this is the day to do it. Need some points.....

Are the Vikings reverting back to last years form?They're not even able to stop the Chargers marching up and down the field.

Flutie in for the TD.

The Vikes have 2nd and 20 and can't contain the Chargers.

:rant: :rant:
:rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: Boston guy here.

Nice to see Flutie is back up to his "old" tricks.

Wow.. I can't believe that play stood. I'm not complaining as a Culpepper owner but that was clearly out-of-bounds.

Man, The That was a JOKE!!! And I'm a Viking Fan!! The ball was on his finger tips when the toe was on the ground??? Last I heard you need posseision not on the finger tips!!SD will be getting a MAJOR Apology from the Refs Monday.With Those Defenses(oops,that's a Oky Moron to say Vikes/Chargers and Defense in the same sentence,) The score of this game will 50-49 before teh 4th Quarter.

stick to the airI have RMoss-Boston-Staley going againstLT-Heap-Buckhalterthis game is tight after I bench TGreen over...cough-cough...Collins

Hey, there's the offensive-PI-on-Boston-but-call-it-on-the-defense-make-up-call.At least it's done with now.

Tough to complain with the way they're moving the ball, but I'd like to see the Chargers give LT a couple carries in a row to get in a rhythym and because he can break a long one at any time. Obviously as an LT owner I'm biased, but I do think this would be good for their offense in general too.

WTF :rant: :hot: The Chargers are 7 from 7 on 3rd down.I gotta stop watching this
Vikings defense is redefining terrible. :yucky: It is really about time they invest in a corner back. I think it has been over a decade since they took a defensive back before round 3. In the pass happy NFL this just does not make any sence.
The Chargers are busting out the whipping stick........ :wall: :wall: I hope Beerguzzler doesn't show up or we will never hear the end of this.I am blown away at how different this team looks under Flutie! I guess you could really put the blame of Brees for the lack of offense considering how much better they are doing under Doug.

Is Bates even playing?I tried to "strike first" and dumped Nate to pick up Bates who I read was to be the starter -- now, Nate gets a TD.Doh!

Despite being down, every drive has been. Culpepper's 17-20 for 200 and 2 TDs and they're running well. Neither team can play D that's all...

Wrong, Bennett fumble recovered by SD. Moss did, however, make the tackle on that play. Should count for something in IDP leagues.

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