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Game Thread W11 - New England @ Kansas City (1 Viewer)

I need 5 yards from Givens in one league and 220 from Graham and Dillon in the other.
Don't let set57hike see you posting that in here. He might cry.
I'd like Blaylock and Gonzo to score less than 38 pts. in my league scoring system as well, hope this isn't as BORING as the Sunday Night game.
I'm sitting on Kris Wilson and Ben Troupe in my 14 team dynasty league. I wish I could see Kris Wilson play tonight.

Big game for me in two leagues. Need the Freedom Fighters and Horny Beavers to win !! Both of them are high performance leagues with first place in the division on the line for ME !!

League #1 USAFFL (Big money league with me the two time defending Champ.)

Score right now , Freedom Fighters 99 Scorpion Scourge 90

I have...

Derrick Blaylock RB Chiefs

He has..

Lawrence Tynes K Chiefs


League #2 SADFFL (First year Dynasy with a Championship ring and Trophy.)

Score right now , Horny Beavers 83 Road Runners 48

I have...

Adam Vinatieri K Patriots

New England Defense/Special Teams

He has...

Corey Dillon RB Patriots

David Givens WR Patriots

Tony Gonzalez TE Chiefs



Pats get the Ball first, predict a 2 yard TD to Graham at the end.
I think you meant Dillon. Graham is an offensive lineman.
no, see, I dropped Graham last week after 2 points in 3 weeks, so he should go off tonight with a couple tds. That's how it works.
Figures Branch would make it back tonight. I need 75 yards from Patten or a TD and 15 yards. And I don't remember seeing him on the field the first possession.

LMAO at all the people who think Kennison is a wasted roster spot.The guy produces (when he plays ;) ) Before tonight, hes averaging 72yds/game.Glad I have him as my #3 (or #4 when hes hurt) to pair w/Trent. That was an 18 point play for me. :thumbup:

LMAO at all the people who think Kennison is a wasted roster spot.The guy produces (when he plays  ;) ) Before tonight, hes averaging 72yds/game. :thumbup:
:goodposting: Edit: cool, you can link an emoticon
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