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Game Thread W12 - Carolina V Atlanta (1 Viewer)

hey........what's up with a MALE sideline reporter? ??? The PC nazis are gonna be all over Fox for that one. sexists!!

guy on espn has a million dollars on the line iwth this pick....he's on carolina

eta: espn streak for the cash game

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Nevermind, cbs game center f'd up

did turner really have a -32 yard carry, what happened?

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No word from the announcers, but Jonathon Stewart walked of the field very slow with a limp after his first carry.

If the Steelers' team plane goes off course and crashes into the sun, I'm officially jumping on the Falcons' bandwagon for the foreseeable future. I love watching this team. Of course, as I type this, Roddy White fumbles.

is jake delhomme really playing as bad as his stats indicate?
Nice 31 yard pass to Smith to the 1. But he just threw a little too high to Smith in the endzone on 3 & 5. He hasn't looked Sharp so far, but Atlanta's Defense is playing well.
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delhomme has played HORRENDOUSLY in the past 2 games while the running game has been superb. so ... inside the 5 yard line, they pass 2/3 of the time? who is calling these plays?

Horrible call on the Roddy White catch. If that catch in bounds, it's a catch as soon as his knee touches the ground. Why are the rules different if you're out of bounds?

Unless I'm misinterpreting the rule, maybe? As it turns out, it didnt' hurt us, but could've been the start of a huge momentum shift.

not good. turner has a toe injury. heard it on the falcons radio channel

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After that drive, if I didn't know any better & somebody tried to tell me that Matt Ryan is a rookie, I'd flat out call him a liar.

This kid is good people & I do mean real good.

the falcons radio feed ended. now i'm on a carolina feed.

any update about turner ? anything mentioned on fox?

yes burner turner ! let's all show michael some man love (the good kind) !

:bow: :bow: :bow:

;) :hifive: :banned:

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