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Game Thread W12 - Tampa Bay V Detroit (1 Viewer)

The Announcers say that Kevin Smith walked to the locker room (which is why Rudi came in).

When they pass along an update, I will too.

You know, most fans would be mad allowing a wide-open WR on 3rd and 13 to cut a lead from 17-0 to 17-14.

But these are the Lions. I think even the diehards had to feel it was a question of when, not if.

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announcers: "The good news for the Lions is that the second quarter is over"

Surprisingly, he then tried to be optimistic, instead of adding that the bad news was that there were still two more quarters to go....

Just your average, ordinary special teams TD for the Buccaneers.

I think Detroit's ST problems have been buried because... well, yeah, nearly the whole team is redefining "bad".

Good thing they picked up Culpepper. Millen might not have made such a brilliant move :thumbup:
Culpepper now 1 for his last 11 passes with 2 INTs (1 returned for a TD).ETA: Stanton in. And the crowd cheers a bit.
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Culpepper's going back in. Apparently Stanton suffered a concussion during his time in the game.

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So to the three or so guys watching this scrub game: So Caddy had one carry, fumbled and hasn't been seen since? Is that right?
He's back in now, in garbage time.ETA: Also, with the Jets scoring again, this is the closest game that I can watch.
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