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Game Thread W13 - Green Bay V Chicago (1 Viewer)

How could have Favre ran for the first down with #43(Mike Green) in his face? Green was in position to stop Favre.

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I don't think so. They've been giving Peterson a few series the last couple weeks and he's been doing well. TJ is probably just getting a breather.
Wipes the sweat from his head, with the thought or TJ hurt again. I was just about to pick up Adrian
The Bears better stop screwing around and keep pounding the ball with their running game. Or Greenbay might end up taking this game.

This defense took the 1st half offExtremely disgusted hereEdit: :bye:

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This defense took the 1st half off

Extremely disgusted here

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Not so fast!!1-7-CHI 7 :-)24) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass intended for R.Ferguson INTERCEPTED by C.Tillman at CHI -2. C.Tillman pushed ob at GB 7 for 95 yards (T.Fisher).


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