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Game Thread W15 - New England V Oakland (1 Viewer)

1-10-OAK35 (8:58) S.Morris left guard to OAK 20 for 15 yards (J.Miller, C.Johnson).

1-10-OAK20 (8:34) (No Huddle) M.Cassel right end to OAK 20 for no gain (Gi.Wilson).

2-10-OAK20 (8:05) (Shotgun) M.Cassel pass deep left to R.Moss for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

1st QuarterTD Kevin Faulk, 7 yd pass from Matt Cassel (Stephen Gostkowski kick is good), 10:29. Drive: 9 plays, 40 yards in 3:00TD Randy Moss, 20 yd pass from Matt Cassel (Stephen Gostkowski kick is good), 08:05. Drive: 3 plays, 35 yards in 1:01TD Sammy Morris, 29 yd run (Stephen Gostkowski kick is good), 03:50. Drive: 9 plays, 83 yards in 3:08TD Johnnie Lee Higgins, 56 yd pass from JaMarcus Russell (Sebastian Janikowski kick is good), 01:47. Drive: 4 plays, 66 yards in 2:092nd QuarterTD Wes Welker, 13 yd pass from Matt Cassel (Stephen Gostkowski kick is good), 13:19. Drive: 7 plays, 77 yards in 3:22TD Justin Miller, 91 yd kick return (Sebastian Janikowski kick is good), 13:12.
Justin Miller looks like a nice waiver wire pick up. That's 2 kick off returned for a TD already and he's only been with the team a couple weeks.
Anyone else really impressed with McFadden's moves in space. He's making guys miss all over the field on those short passing routes.


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