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Game Thread W15 - San Diego V Indianapolis (1 Viewer)

Should be a good game. Here is to (again) healthy ribs for LT. Get him in the passing game. Go to him early and often. Obvious, I know, but the coaches seem to forget that sometimes. :P

I might as well re-post my thoughts from a thread early in the week on why I think the Chargers can win this game:

Along these lines - and go ahead and call me crazy, I don't care - I think the Chargers can beat the COLTS.Of course, they have to play their best game of the season - but I do not believe they necessarily lose a shoot out. In fact, I believe it is their best chance.IF the Chargers beat the Colts, here are four things that will have happened in the game:1) LT will have had a lot of action to Freeney's side of the defense - he will have taken delayed handoffs and screens to the space vacated by Freeney's massive upfield rush. The analysts spotlighted this weakness in the Indie run defense on Playbook - due to the upfield rush, a team that attacks on the ground between the RT and RG can find running room - the Colts are #3 in rush attempts against and #7 in rush yards against, but they areonly #23 in YPC - 4.13. Teams are forced to abandon the run to play catch up with the Colts, but the Chargers are one of those teams that plays catch up with their RB(BTW, rinse and repeat for the Seattle Seahawks next week - IMO, a weakness in the Colts D is about to get exposed by the two best runners in the league)2) No points occurred off of Brees' turnovers - if he takes the sacks instead of pushing the action, they will hang in the game long enough to make it competitive. If he fumbles, his team recovered. If he threw a pick, it was either overturned or was deep enough in Colts territory that it led to no points.3) The Chargers' ST was lahge. If they can consistently give themselves a shorter field - and not get caught inside their own 20 too much, field position can give them a few cheap FGs that might keep them in the game long enough to steal it.4) The indy injuries cause players on the bench - Wayne, June, and a couple of the DEs are hurting. If the Colts end up resting those players, or those players are unable to go, that may be the personnel shift that the Chargers need - ESPECIALLY Wayne. The Chargers can probably give Harrison his 130/2 TDs and still win - they can't also give Wayne 80/1 - and I think they will be able to cover the Colts' other receivers (Stokely, Clark and T-something).BTW - I have no love for the Chargers, and would be perrfectly fine if they lost (esp. since I guess I kinda pull for the Broncos in that division, but only kinda). This is just something that occurred to me while I was watching NFL access and playbook, and while I have only two FF teams to manage.
Despite not being in the playoffs, I almost drove 1/2 hour to my dad's who isnt even home to watch this game.

Vincent Jackson 1 c 20 yds

Anybody watching? Tell me more.
It was a beautiful catch on a third down. Jackson ran a slant and got hit from both sides right when the ball arrived. He showed very nice strength to hold on.
Wow, that drunk Barney just said that the Colts haven't been down since week 6. Is this right? Crazy if true. Probably is. Enberg bugs me though.

2 rushes to 7 passes... Yeah, they are really going to utilize Tomlinson today :rolleyes:
As an LT owner, I'm happy to see them get ahead early with the pass...we'll see a steady dose of LT for the rest of the game that way. :thumbup:
Vincent Jackson 1 c 20 yds

Anybody watching? Tell me more.
I'm not sure. Everyone has been involved, Parker, Caldwell, Keenan. It could have been a specific play drawn up for him, or maybe he's earning more ops. We'll see.
This just in, Dallas Clark and Jeff Saturday are football players.The Charger who tried to scoop up the fumble, not so much.


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