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Game Thread W15 - Washington V Cincinnati (1 Viewer)

cincy looking great on both sides of the ball...prolly wish they played the skins every week...

so is this zornie's last season?

The skins have alot of offseason work to do im afraid...what say you skin fans?

70 yard reception to Benson. How did that happen?

12 Yard TD to Chris Henry follows up shortly after.

Cincy 14 Washington 0

70 yard reception to Benson. How did that happen?12 Yard TD to Chris Henry follows up shortly after.Cincy 14 Washington 0
Just a screen pass that the Redskins didn't bother to defend. A better back/team would have taken it to the house, he only had one guy to beat and he had a blocker downfield
I can't stand the Skins. This team shows so much potential, but folds every year.

At this point I'd rather see Collins in there.

Zorn went from a potential coach of the year to a guy who might be playing for his job next season.

Benson up the gut for 14 and a first. The Redskins are pathetic. Why am I watching this and not Brett Farrrv? Train wreck aspect I suppose.

:wall: Bill Cowher!!!! 8-10 million a year coach!!!!!!
No telling what Cowher's gonna do, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Zornie get Snydered. Looks like he's lost the team already. A tight loss is one thing, but you cannot get crushed by the Bengals.
Cowher would be a perfect coach for this team. His last year he basically gave up on team once he realized to himself he wasn't coming back.

Everyone thinks that you are getting the 1995-1996 Cowher but you are not going to.

is campbell playing as bad as it looks on nfl.com?
He hasn't been under much pressure. Just barely missing some receivers. Nothing going well until this drive.Just hit Moss on a TD.ETA: While he hasn't been under much pressure, he's hurrying like he is expecting pressure. He's had good protection, but seems to be rushing his throws. Until this drive, though.
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Cincy is going to let them back in. Washington's going to eek one out...then get demolished by Philly next week.

So the only person Wash. is defending is TJ Housh?

Which makes sense since I've got both going in my champonship game.

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redskins need a complete overhaul...cerato is a poor gm and the coach is in over his head...the players dont have respect for the coaching staff....portis runs this team and snyder lets him...what a mess...

what the frak. Portis is one of the best red zone runners in the league and Sellers gets the ball twice? Didnt this happen early in the season except it was Betts fumbling? How stupid is Zorn?


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