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Game Thread W16 - Denver V Tennesse (1 Viewer)

My Christmas was going along great today until I realized that I was going to have to put up with McGuire and Theisman twice this week again :wall:

I hate Rueben Droughns. HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MOTHER####ER!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing for two weeks and the ******* does this when i bench him.

lets all cheer for a high scoring game!!!!!!!!!!1
I agree, since LJ helped out my opponent WAAAAAY too much :wall: :X I can only hope that Den keeps ringing up the points and the Volek show can start! :football: :boxing:
i think it's worth noting that Volek was targeting Troupe on that pick....so much for Shad Meir "starting" at TE. Troupe should be big again tonight.

Whoops...stepped out and missed that INT. Is the dream over?Then I get points off an Elam field goal! Sweet!

#### you Rueben....just #### right off. I can't believe this. sitting on my bench after keeping me out of the SB last week.....

Skeletor strikes again. Glad I benched Bell, but there may be more than enough points to go around in this one with the way the Titans are playing "defense."


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