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Game Thread W16 - Miami V Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Gonzo = Mr. Dependable.

If Thigpen keeps his job next season, it's going to be very hard not to keep him even if your league doesn't require TEs!

Painful to own Carpenter these past two weeks. They go for it on 4th down near the goal line? Just kick the FG.

FreeBaGeL said:
Mcmm said:
Bowe playing?
Yep, targeted deep several times in 1 on 1 situations and couldn't come down with any of them.
Pretty sure you're confusing him with Mark Bradley. Miami needs far too many trick plays to move the ball. That sheet won't work if they manage to sneak in to the playoffs.
Just tuned in to the audio on NFL gamebreak, to hear theDolphins try to get fancy with a shotgun formation, Ricky in motion, stuffed for no gain.

Any play by play info would be greatly appreciated down the stretch.

Oh good, they break back in long enough to hear the Dolphins radio network as Fasano catches the TD. Nothing like hearing them scream and cheer about the thing you're rooting against.

Amazing how many times the Dolphins have been on the ropes, only to bounce back. Have to tip your cap to them, but it's brutal to watch. Go Seahawks.

Lack of extra cameras kills MIA there. No good replay showing Ricky's elbow down. On Sunday Night Football that call is overturned.

Miami Dolphins are 10-5 and playing for the division next week at the jets. Unbelievable. Scoring 38 points in the freezing cold has to be a big confidence builder for this team, even if it wasnt against playoff competition. Now they have to solve their defensive woes.

what a pathetic showing to end the game for KC

3 incomplete passes and a sack

they miraculously get the ball back on a bad call

2 incomplete passes and an interception

in 7 plays can't even get 1 yard


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