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Game Thread W16 - New Orleans V Detroit (1 Viewer)

My girlfriend (who doesnt follow football at all) just heard that Lions may be the first team to go 0-15...she was legitimately sad and felt really sorry.

Great! I got Brees Thomas Shockey and Moore. And Meachem runs one in.

[Meachem's gonna be good for 2 rushing TDs, 100 yds rushing, and a passing TD to Colston]

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John Standeford Purdue

He played along with current New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees. He majored in Elementary Education and did his student teaching at Attica High School in Attica, Indiana. His brother, Jake, was a wide receiver at Purdue from 2004 to 2007.

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Can somebody remind Brees that the East Coast weather doesn't impact him today? Enough with the dink and dunk. It's the friggin' Lions!!!

Ouch, going to be a rough day for Brees fantasy-wise. He should rack up 250ish yards but might not have TD.


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